Womens Inspire Network personalised notebooks

750 Staples of Inspiration

Catchy title hey? Well I was inspired to write this blog post while I was making a batch of personalised notebooks; and these are handmade notebooks. I staple the spines, each with 3 staples. So you’re getting to grips with the reason for the title. I love the creative process of making notebooks by hand, […]

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The Anatomy of a Domain Name.

A Beginner’s Guide We take it for granted that we type in a website address, URL, domain name, the three double-ues or whatever we call it and up pops the website. Have you stopped to ever wonder how that seemingly invisible process works? Let’s look at an example, northhousegallery.co.uk 1: Registering your domain name Now […]

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responsive web site design mobile first template

Responsive and Mobile First Web Design

Responsive and Mobile First Web Design – What am I talking about? If you have a website and are not sure what I am talking about then read on . . . Let’s forget the responsive jargon and simply consider that your website may be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Now […]

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Social Media Summit Dublin Ireland

Building Relationships at Social Media Summit

Just another conference eh? So you’ve been to conferences before and you sit in the audience listening to the speakers who have come to talk at you. How did it make you feel? Was it like uncomfortable us-and-them relationships? Did it remind you of being back at school in teacher-student mode? A dream conference? Wouldn’t […]

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How seriously are you taking WordPress security?

A couple of quick WordPress questions . . . Do you have a WordPress blog or website? If you just answered YES, then I’d ask you: How seriously do you take website security? Are you thinking what some of our clients used to think? “No one would want to hack into my little blog” “Doesn’t […]

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Beyond SEO – fully optimise your website experience

Most of us know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short); a methodology to optimise your site to make it attractive to search engines. It’s a blend of the content of your site with the behind the scenes HTML code, such as keywords, H tags, image alt tags and those various meta tags are all […]

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Getting your Blog started with WordPress

Getting your hands on WordPress – two choices “.org” vs “.com” So you’ve decided to start a blog and you’ve been told you should use WordPress, but you don’t now what to do next? If this describes you then read on. It’s Free! Yes, you can use WordPress for free, but as the saying goes […]

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Customers Wanted – only good ones need apply

Now we all know there are lots of business review websites – you’ve stayed in a terrible hotel, so the first thing you do is post a 1 star review. Well I wonder how many business owners would like to be able to review their customers. The ones that are uncourteous, rude and  frankly obnoxious. […]

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