What you don't know about your new website

How fabulous is your new website?

I should be excited, but more often than not I soon get depressed. “I’m so delighted with my new website. I can’t thank [insert name of the person who designed the website] for the tremendous work – it’s amazing.” Who doesn’t love a new website? Fab looking images, some great typography, oh and lovely colour […]

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website seo image filenames and alt tags

Website Image Filenames & Alt Tags

How do you name your website images? A: My camera names them for me B: I’ve never thought about it C: Who cares I’ve been looking at a client’s website that requires a makeover. Their ex-web designer has vanished. Yes, it was a friend of Bob who retired from IT ten years ago. Here are […]

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Beyond SEO – fully optimise your website experience

Most of us know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short); a methodology to optimise your site to make it attractive to search engines. It’s a blend of the content of your site with the behind the scenes HTML code, such as keywords, H tags, image alt tags and those various meta tags are all […]

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