being social and building relationships is a social media world

Is Big Data driving Big Social?

We live in a paradoxical world. On one hand we have the phenomenal growth of big data which is connecting humans faster than the speed of thought, yet we are fast becoming socially isolated as slaves to digital dopamine, fixing our gaze on a digital device glued to our hands. How big is big data? […]

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has your social media bubble burst

Has your Social Media Bubble burst?

Pop, hiss, can you hear the air escaping from the media bubble as more and more people remember that media is of little use without being social. Like many people, Twitter is an easy dip-the-toe into the world of Social Media. It’s quick to get on board, easy to follow, tweet, retweet and have a […]

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Roll up Banner - designs for success

Roll up Banners: Designs for Success

I hate roll up banners! Just another job on the tick list of presenting yourself, or a business, at a trade exhibition or fair. Well on reflection, it’s not the banners I hate, moreover, it’s the lack of thought and creativity that goes into their design. There are a few popular mistakes that people make […]

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