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Instagram Live Story Telling

I love my desktop PC

I’ve never been a fan of Instagram (there, I said it). Call me old school but I love my desk top PC, powerful Intel dual quad core processor, two wide screen monitors. It’s the command centre of my office world. Have you ever tried using Instagram on a desktop? I wouldn’t bother; this social media platform is designed for mobile smart phones. Now there’s no better device to record live video in the field, on the go, capturing the action of the moment.

Capturing the moment

When Instagram joined the live streaming arena, they followed their heart of doing what they do best - capturing that instant, a moment in time. And Instagram Live takes that snapshot of a moment from a picture to a video broadcast. Show the world (well your followers who are tuned in) what’s happening right here, right now. Show them the view of  the world as it fills your memory. Be in that moment of visual creation together. Viewers can post comments in real time, as it happens. You can make them feel part of he conversation; let them share in the creation of the moment. Now here comes the rub; end your broadcast and puff - your moment of creation is now suspended in a temporary reality. Your audience participation, their likes and comments are gone, lost in history. Your audience can’t replay your masterpiece of videography or listen to your invaluable words of wisdom again. But wait, there is a glimmer of hope to be able to retain your broadcast for prosperity. Instagram’s latest update allows you to download your video, albeit a raw copy, void of audience interaction or any statistics. It’s your copy, for you to decide, what you want to do with it.

Sharing the moment

The ‘in’ thing to do is to re-purpose it. Make use of your moment of video creation on one of your many social platforms. You could post it on Facebook . . . wait, you could have saved yourself the trouble and broadcast directly to Facebook Live with more granularity in targeting to your profile, page or group audience. Equally, you could have broadcast on Twitter or Periscope, or is that now the same thing? Answers on a postcard please. Anyway, what about Youtube, Vimeo . . .

So what’s the story here

With all the technical expertise at Instagram’s disposal, there must be a company policy decision to restrict the usability of Instagram LIVE. A decision not to have your live broadcast library available on your Instagram feed, not to save comments, not to provide statistics. A decision to make it difficult for you to know or remember who watched you live, what questions they asked, what you promised to follow up on. Seems strange, right?

Perhaps, we need to live in the moment. Capture the beauty of life as it happens. Tomorrow has a habit of looking after itself. It also has the ability to deliver many more moments worthy of broadcasting and sharing with friends, colleagues and business associates spread across our globe.  

So jump on Instagram live today and start sharing your story.

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