Don’t set goals, set a mission

Don’t set goals, set a mission. New Year's Resolutions are so last year.

I failed last year.

In January 18, I failed to set any new year resolutions. In fact throughout the year I failed to set any goals. Still, I made it through to December.

Did I progress?
Did I succeed?
Did I get to where I was supposed to be going?

I guess for all you goal-setters out there these are hypothetical questions as it’s difficult to measure success for non-existent goals.

However, taking a moment to reflect upon last year, the lack of goals really didn’t matter, it was my mission for 18 which soon gained importance.

My mission was to help my wonderful wife get through her cancer treatment journey.

And here writing at the start of January 19, I can gladly say that the mission has been accomplished. I’d like to thank all of the wonderful people who played their part in this mission and helped us through the year (you know who you are)

Sometimes you become to realise that in life, it is the bigger picture that counts. You discover that whilst focusing on your mission the finer details either magically slot into place or simply end up on the really-not-important list.

As we start off on the 19 journey, it’s time to begin another mission. For me, I’m on a mission to help people just like you with creative design. I want to work with my digital alchemy to help you with your mission.

I want to . . .
To produce cool business cards to lift your personal brand.
Summon up some alchemy to create stupendous social media graphics.
Print and publish magnificent magazines and brilliant books.
Take your designs to a new level with terrific typography.

As Zig Ziglar said "Outstanding people have one thing in common, an absolute sense of mission"

Are you one of the outstanding people who’s on a mission this year?



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