How fabulous is your new website?

What you don't know about your new website

I should be excited, but more often than not I soon get depressed.

"I'm so delighted with my new website. I can't thank [insert name of the person who designed the website] for the tremendous work - it's amazing."

Who doesn't love a new website? Fab looking images, some great typography, oh and lovely colour scheme - first impressions are that it's looking good.

I'm excited.

"Welcome to . . . ." [LET'S TALK]

That's what grabs you on the opening hero image banner. The button takes you to a page with an enquiry form. "Want to work together, let's talk" alongside a name/email enquiry form. Wowza, that was a quick journey from home page to booking a call, I don't really know you, who are you, what you do and why I even want to talk.

I'm not so excited.

Let's have a look at HTML validation - over 600 errors and 55 warnings in the 5000 lines of code on the home page.

Now I know that HTML validation should be taken with a pinch of salt, but this code has issues.

I'm less excited.

A quick look at images.

The alt tags are showing a good attempt at being descriptive improving seo friendliness, alas, the files names are a random assortment of
screen-shot-2019-02-12 at 09.18.10.png

And, the Open Graph image is not a socially shareable size, nor has it any branding to identify itself when in isolation from the comfort of the website.

I'm depressed.

Someone has invested a lot of time, passion, and most probably cash and ended up with an expensive bright shiny car that wouldn't pass an MOT. The worst bit is that they are oblivious to the deficiencies of their web site engine room.

How depressed would you be if your bright shiny car failed its MOT?

Do you now know what you don't know?

I've been developing websites for over 20 years and not a week goes by when I come across another new, less than shiny website.

When thinking about getting a new website, it is often the case that you don't know what you don't know. And more and more I'm discovering web designers that don't know much more.

Whilst I keep on learning to discover more of the things I don't know, I've had a two-decade journey of web development filled with knowledge turning into understanding.

Do you know who you'd choose to build your new website?


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