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Getting your hands on WordPress – two choices “.org” vs “.com”

So you’ve decided to start a blog and you’ve been told you should use WordPress, but you don’t now what to do next? If this describes you then read on.

It’s Free!

Yes, you can use WordPress for free, but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. is a web site that allows you to host your own blog and/or website for free

There are limitations – what did you expect for free? Your URL will be in the format so long as the name has not already been taken. You are restricted from installing additional themes or custom plug-ins. You may also find adverts appearing on your blog/site.

If you are looking for a basic blog, then is a good starting point. There are options to upgrade this basic platform. For extra functionality you will need to start spending money. And once you are looking at spending money, you need to consider the point at which opting for makes sense.

Without getting too technical is where you install an instance of the WordPress application on your own server.

Whilst is free to download and install, there will costs involved is obtaining a suitable hosting account or web server.

The benefit of installing your own copy of WordPress is that, in theory, there are no restrictions on premium themes or plug-ins. It puts you in the driving seat in terms of configuration, functionality and scalability. Having said that, you may find some hosting accounts apply some restrictions.

So by now you are probably thinking the .com free version sounds an easy place to get started since the thought of hosting your own blog is too expensive and complicated. If that’s a strong feeling then sign up for the free edition now. Alternatively, you may be thinking you’ve got plans for the future and have ambitions to grow your blog into a significant marketing platform, but you have a phobia of the complexities and responsibility of going down the self-hosting route.

If you are hovering between the two options, then think of the stress involved in moving from .com to .org At that point in the future when your blog outgrows the free edition’s capability, or the endless upgrades are killing your bank balance, you will need to make the move. From our client’s past experiences, the hovering minds always wished they’d started down the self-hosted .org route.

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