Customers Wanted – only good ones need apply

Now we all know there are lots of business review websites – you’ve stayed in a terrible hotel, so the first thing you do is post a 1 star review. Well I wonder how many business owners would like to be able to review their customers. The ones that are uncourteous, rude and  frankly obnoxious.

Here goes a quick and recent example for you to get what I mean.

A website FAQ – Delivery help page says . . .

We typically process and despatch orders within 2 to 3 working days.
Royal Mail items may take 3/5 days to arrive.
Courier items are sent on a 24 hour service to UK Mainland.

So if you placed an online order on a Friday afternoon and selected the ‘courier’ option, when would you expect delivery?

Well first thing Monday morning an irrate customer on the phone wonedring why his order hasn’t been delivered yet. “Your website said I get in in 24 hours . . . it’s so deceitful, you’ve taken my money and lied to me. I wish I’d never ordered from you and I’ll never order from you again” – slams phone down!

So if you are short of customers, there’s one here we’d happily pass onto you!

Buying and selling is a two way deal – be nice to each other if you wish to build a harmonious relationship.

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