what is the future for graphic designers

Graphic Designers – What is the Future?

I bet you know how to use a pair of scissors, am I right? Well, now tell me you cut your own hair. I use this analogy when people tell me how fantastic such tools as Canva & Spark are for creating graphics and artwork. It’s a delusion to think these tools will make someone […]

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marketing - creating the desire to buy

Stop selling and let them buy

Do you remember your first paycheck? You’d been dreaming about buying those smart pair of shoes or new pair of Wrangler jeans from the shop in the high street you walk past on your way to work every day. My first paycheck was way before the days of online shopping so off to the high […]

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Gullibility consumes influence

Gullibility Consumes Influence

Who’s influencing your thoughts? Are you hearing what you hear, are you seeing what you see? What are your thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go when you’ve finished with them? Have I made you think? Was that me influencing you to think? Buying and Not Buying Stuff For the first […]

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being social and building relationships is a social media world

Is Big Data driving Big Social?

We live in a paradoxical world. On one hand we have the phenomenal growth of big data which is connecting humans faster than the speed of thought, yet we are fast becoming socially isolated as slaves to digital dopamine, fixing our gaze on a digital device glued to our hands. How big is big data? […]

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has your social media bubble burst

Has your Social Media Bubble burst?

Pop, hiss, can you hear the air escaping from the media bubble as more and more people remember that media is of little use without being social. Like many people, Twitter is an easy dip-the-toe into the world of Social Media. It’s quick to get on board, easy to follow, tweet, retweet and have a […]

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Design tips - how do you design a roll up banner

Roll up Banners: Designs for Success

I hate roll up banners! Just another job on the tick list of presenting yourself, or a business, at a trade exhibition or fair. Well on reflection, it’s not the banners I hate, moreover, it’s the lack of thought and creativity that goes into their design. There are a few popular mistakes that people make […]

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Designing for Clarity: Contact Details

If you are as old as me, you’ve lived through the tap-i-dy-tap telex machines, the bleep-squeak-squeal facsimile machine, mobile phones, email and now all the social media platforms. It’s the technological progression of human communication. However, when it comes to designing a business card, promotional leaflet, website contact page etc, your contact details are still […]

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