Is Big Data driving Big Social?

being social and building relationships is a social media worldt

We live in a paradoxical world. On one hand we have the phenomenal growth of big data which is connecting humans faster than the speed of thought, yet we are fast becoming socially isolated as slaves to digital dopamine, fixing our gaze on a digital device glued to our hands.

How big is big data?

Big data is tracking your every move in a digitally transacted world. Logging, analysing and drilling down into the depths to uncover value from you digital footprints. Artificial Intelligence digs deeper and faster, intelligently guessing what all the data means and how it can be used for commercial gain.

We know you like kittens, we know what you had for lunch, we know all the people in the photo your took at your best friend’s party. Yes, we know she’s your best friend and the name of her dog, what she did at the weekend. Oh, and you thought social media was all about being social. Well, while you may try being social, there’s a whole load of media being thrown at you trying to sell you stuff. When I say thrown, I mean intelligently targeted based upon your data footprint and the steps of all those people you are associated with.

Whilst we profess to understand all this clever data processing stuff, the reality big is bigger than you think and data extends beyond your comprehension of simple digital facts and statistics. But don’t let that get in the way of still thinking it’s all pretty cool. While you’re chilled and relaxed, be rest assured that some techie geeks are keeping a safe lid on the big data store.

Well, I’m sorry to awaken you from your slumber but big data just got real. Someone at Facebook left the big data store door ajar and some of that valuable data may have escaped. People are looking up from their digital devices and becoming to realise, and worry about, the fact that the finer details of their digital footprint have value and are being traded and used for commercial gain possibly without their knowledge or control. So just as we all rush to delete our Facebook accounts, there is a glimmer of hope that Twitter is seeking to put the social back into social media.

Is Twitter getting social?

Yes, I said Twitter, you remember, it's probably where you first cut your teeth in the early days of your social media journey. Among all the recent hype and panic over the new Twitter rules, we should be thanking Twitter for flipping the data narrative. I salute Twitter for attempting to stop the tidal wave of repetitive media spewing out of the twitter automation tools. Here's the logic which I've seen some social media gurus profess to be their key marketing strategy . . .

  1. No one reads my Tweets.
  2. Post tweet again.
  3. Did I get engagement?
    - No: Repeat from No:2
    - Yes: Wow that worked, go back to No:2

Tweet dumping simply annoys people, please don’t do it. The unwieldy automation of Twitter was fuelling an implosion of the platform. People were jumping ship before they drowned in the data.

Let's be social, Big Social

Whilst we may struggle to dampen down or control the flow of big data we can at least be social with our fellow human beings and make our days a more fulfilling place to spend our time. So move over Big Data, it's time we remembered the faces behind the profiles, bring on Big Social.




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