Being Creative in the Digital World

Being Creative in the Digital World

Do you worry about the right app to use to edit your photos or design an amazing graphic. Do you worry about which web site or blogging platform you need to be using to keep up with the latest publishing trends. You ponder over v and then people tell you about Weebly, Wix, Square Space . . . and the list goes on.

Well STOP, let’s rewind.

Being Digitally Creative starts before any app or web platform, it’s starts with your potential customers in mind.
  • Who are your customers
  • What what do they wish to see and read
  • What imagery will excite them and make them flock to your door.
Before you start worrying about how many pixels wide your Social Media image needs to be, you need to think about the message that your visuals aim to convey. Now if you already have brand guidelines for typography, colours and logo identity you’ll know to stick with them. If you haven’t nailed down a visual brand identity, then, at least stay consistent in your visual approach and read on for some more guidance.

Image research.

Consider the style of image that you’ll use to convey your message. Should it be serious, professional, business-like or light-hearted and fun. Maybe it’s all about caring, healthy lifestyle and fitness or it is hip and trendy fashion. Your business - your choice. Think about your brand message and seek out images that complement your vision and stick with them; no one likes a curve ball.


Every font face tells a story. There are thousands of typefaces to choose from, although, a word of caution, some online graphic design apps may restrict your choice. Things to consider . . .
  • Serif or Sans Serif - or should I say, plain or curly. Helvetica v Times New Roman
  • Stroke weight: fine light fonts or heavy bold weights. Century Gothic v Arial Black
  • Style: classic, modern, script, handwritten, comical etc.
And the rule-of-thumb is no more than 2 typefaces at a time or life get just that bit too confusing. See below link for typography resources.


Choosing the correct colours is a complex philosophical and aesthetic challenge. Say you are in the health and well-being market then black with yellow may not sit right, whereas, the more obvious choice of blue and green and pastel shades resonate with the market’s expectations. However, if everyone is using blue and green you’re just going to become another brand lost in the sea of blue and green. I told you it was complex.

Trevor says

By using images of a similar style and keeping to your chosen typography and colour scheme, then the consistency will win through and begin to make your brand image recognisable as being yours. It’s that hook of recognition that draws the customers mind nearer to yours.
I love the helping people with their creative challenges. If you need help being digitally creative then my creative thoughts are for hire.
Here’s a few resources you may find useful
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